Our Packages

Bulk SMS service
(Billed per year)

1 Lakh SMS in ₹15000/-

50, 000 SMS ₹8500/-

25, 000 SMS ₹4500/-

10, 000 SMS ₹2000/-


Static Website in just ₹24999/-
Dynamic Website ₹44999/- onwards

Bulk Voice Call service
(Billed per year)

1 Lakh Voice Call ₹25000/-

50, 000 Voice Call ₹14500/-

25, 000 Voice Call ₹7500/-

10, 000 Voice Call ₹3500/-


Tailored to meet your specific needs

Combo Offer 1
( ₹40000/- per year )

100, 000 SMS

100, 000 Voice Call

One Website FREE

Combo Offer 2
( ₹22000/- per year )

50, 000 SMS

50, 000 Voice Call

One Website FREE

Combo Offer 3
( ₹15000/- per year )

25, 000 SMS

15, 000 Voice Call

One Website FREE

Please feel free to contact us if you need anything other than these packages.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The length of the SMS is 160 characters. Any message longer than this will be counted as multiple messages. Example: A message of 280 characters will be considered as 2 messages.
  2. A voice call would be of 28 seconds. Longer voice calls will be counted as multiple calls. A call of 35 seconds will be considered as two calls.
  3. A static website will be made of 4-5 pages. Only one revision will be done after the project is completed. For any change in the website, the client needs to contact us. These changes will be charged extra.
  4. Social media services are dynamic and provided according to the client’s needs. Charges may vary if the services needed are more and beyond the scope provided in the package.
  5. Please feel free to discuss us if you don’t find anything of your choice. We can offer special packages as per the client’s demands.
  6. All prices are excluding GST. GST will be charged extra.